Expectations and Policies

Academic Integrity

BVS expects a full commitment to academic integrity from each student.

Academic integrity means:
  • Your work on each assignment will be completely your own.
  • Your collaboration with another classmate on any assignment will be pre-approved by your instructor.
  • You will not allow others to copy your work.
  • You will not misuse content from the Internet.
  • You will not practice plagiarism in any form*.

*Plagiarism is defined as follows: copying or using ideas or words (from another person, an online classmate, or an Internet or print source) and presenting them as your own.

Please be aware that all BVS instructors utilize a myriad of technologies to check student work for authenticity. If an instructor confirms that a student has plagiarized work in any manner, the student will be subject to consequences determined by BVS administration and may be removed from the course with a failing grade.

Semester and Final Exams

  • Your work will be completely your own.
  • You will not practice plagiarism in any form.
  • You will not allow others to copy your work.
  • You will give no assistance to anyone scheduled to take the same course semester/final exams in the future.
  • Your parent/guardian will attest to the fact that your work is completely your own.

Note: You are responsible to notify your parent/guardian of his/her responsibility in monitoring your semester/final exams to assure academic integrity. You MUST PASS the final/semester exam in order to pass the course.

Student Contact and Drop Policy

Only through continuous communication can students be successful in an online course. Within each course the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact.

To ensure that our students are aware of this commitment, the three-part process below will be followed

  1. If the student does not submit the expected number of assignment(s) within a period of seven (7) consecutive days, the student and parent(s) will receive a letter notifying them of the student's unacceptable pace for submitting assignments.
  2. If the student does not respond to the letter by submitting the appropriate number of assignments within seven (7) days, the instructor(s) will make a telephone call to the student/parent(s).
  3. If the student does not respond by submitting assignments within fourteen (14) days of the initial letter, BVS will assume that the student does not intend to remain in the course, and the student will be administratively dropped from the course.

By enrolling in BVS, you acknowledge that during the first 21 consecutive days of being activated into a BVS course you may drop the course without penalty. You understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis will result in your removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to your academic transcript. You must return all course materials and/or borrowed property to BVS. (Disclaimer: It is the requirement of the student/parent to be informed of the Polices of Bay District Schools.)