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Expectations and Policies

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the code of conduct for turning in assignments and completing assessments in education. It includes the ethical policies of honesty and the avoidance of cheating or plagiarism. BVS expects a full commitment to academic integrity from each BVS student.

Academic integrity means:
  • • Students submit their own work for assignments and assessments.
  • • Students use citations to reference published work.
  • • Students do not receive unauthorized assistance on assignments and assessments.
  • • Students do not provide unauthorized assistance to other students.
  • • Students will not misuse content from the Internet or other published source.
  • • Parents will supervise students to adhere to the rules of academic integrity.

Bay Virtual School takes the importance of original student work very seriously, because academic integrity is a fundamental value of a quality academic program where student learning takes place. As a result, BVS utilizes several plagiarism detection tools that will compare your work against the work of students in our database, as well as work found on the Internet. Failure to follow the rules of academic integrity may result in parent conferences, proctored exams, grade deductions, zeros for assignments or assessments, removal from the course, and expulsion from the program. See the BVS Student Handbook for additional details.

Academic Expectations:

Because of the school’s unique nature, students must take primary responsibility for their own learning. Self-motivation, dedication to learning, daily submission of work, and communication are essential. It is the student who determines his or her own level of success. Students can expect deadlines for their work and expect to work hard, but at their own daily time schedule within the set guidelines. They will log in to the school each day and will respond to teachers’ questions and prompts as they work through courses. They’ll use discussion boards, chat rooms, and other communication tools to work with teachers and other students. These tools, which may have been used for social purposes, will be used for genuine academic communication to support learning goals. Students work to receive Bay County Public School’s standard high school diploma.

Time & Learning Requirements:

In order to meet the state’s requirements for academic instructional time, your student should complete the following minimum hours of school each week.

Grade Recommended Hours Per Day Recommended Hours Per Week Recommended Hours Per Year









Student Contact and Drop Policy

Only through continuous communication can students be successful in an online course. Within each course the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact.

To ensure that our students are aware of this commitment, the three-part process below will be followed:

  1. If the student does not submit the expected number of assignment(s) within a period of seven (7) consecutive days, the student and parent(s) will receive an electronic letter notifying them of the student's unacceptable pace for submitting assignments.
  2. If the student does not respond by submitting the appropriate number of assignments within seven (7) days, the instructor(s) will make a telephone call to the student/parent(s).
  3. If the student does not respond by submitting all required assignments within fourteen (14) days, BVS will schedule a conference with the student and parents to implement a student action plan.
  4. If the student and parent does not respond to the student action plan within twenty-one (21) days Bay Virtual School will assume that the student does not intend to remain in the course, and the student will be administratively dropped from the course.

Every student has a grace period during the first 21 consecutive days of being activated into a BVS course. During that period, students may drop the course without penalty and teachers can also withdraw unproductive/unsuccessful students from their course to allow them to pursue other educational means without penalty. Once the 21 day grace period has passed, students may be withdrawn with a failing grade whether the withdrawal is initiated by the teacher or the student. The failing grade could be reported on the student’s official transcript. Once a student is removed from a course, re-enrollment may not take place until student demonstrates consistency in all other online courses.

Semester and Final Exams

  • • You must complete the exams on your own.
  • • You will not practice plagiarism in any form. Plagiarism is defined as copying or using ideas or words (from another person, an online classmate, or an Internet or print source) and present them as your own.
  • • You will not allow other to copy your work.
  • • You will not give assistance to anyone scheduled to take the same course and exams in the future.
  • • Your parent/guardian will attest to the fact that your work is completely your own.

Note: You must pass the final/semester exam in order to pass the course.