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Why Choose Bay Virtual School?

Student Benefits

There are numerous benefits to students, including:

  • High standards and accountability
  • Comprehensive program, including courses, clubs, and activities
  • A chance for students to proceed through the program with their peers
  • Highly qualified, Florida-certified teachers, specializing in online education
  • Proven curriculum
  • State-of-the-art content and engaging multi-media lessons
  • Coursework blends both online and offline content, and is done from a structured home environment where parents are responsible for taking attendance.
  • Combine these stellar courses with strong parental involvement, top-notch instructors, and the flexibility of online learning, and you have a perfect mix for student success.

Parent Benefits

BVS parents are able to:

  • Monitor progress of their student
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Support academic integrity
  • Plan for the future
  • Stay involved